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Monday, March 31, 2008

one of these kids is like the other

With the addition of prune to his selection of meals, wee man now looks even more like Dad with his own wee goatee..


Who wouldnt look cute in their own wee hat that looks like top of R2D2 from Starwars..

OK I got myself one too, but the winters here can be harsh... hah

whoosh and wee

So brought wee man to YMCA for a swim on Friday. First we had been to Effies where wee man and us got spoiled by staff. Theres a waitress there who just dotes on him and loves to get a cuddle in and she fed him his peaches while I munched on yummy gyro platter. That yogurt sauce is so good I could eat my shoe probably if it was dipped enough it in. Always reminds me of living in NY - good Greek diners with the yummy dishes. So after some photos and a good cuddle where wee man flirted with waitress by extending his hand so she could kiss it and he could laugh and repeat we headed off the to Y and hubbie went back home to code.

All geared up and ready to go, turns out the Y was closed for swimming with new filters being put in. Bah Humbug..

So Friday night down went wee man for sleep and we watched 6 Torchwood episodes one after another.. Great show and good to catch up.

Saturday we got up all lazily and dropped wee man off to babysitting for afternoon and we hit Barnes and Nobles before heading to see Run Fat Boy Run. Another great Brit comedy starring Simon Pegg (from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). It was given bad rep by American Critics who I have decided just dont get British type comedies at all. It was very funny and a good Sat Afternoon.

We picked up wee man then went down to Steves 40th birthday BBQ at Ciaras house. Great to see them and Ciaras neighbors Audrey, Kirstin etc. Such a friendly bunch. I would love to live in their cul de sac. Its like having neighbors where I grew up. People in each others houses, swapping dinners, cups of tea, folks babysitting for each other while you ran out on errands. I love where we live in Campbell, so near everything and we love this apartment - its huge for an apartment and cheaper than most. But apart from one or two neighbors that are friendly its not a friendly neighbourhood. Also lots of traffic so not as safe as their dead end street.

Sunday I slept in thanks to wonderful Hubbie who took wee man till 12. Hubbie then went off golfing with lads from work and we attempted to go the Y again. Lessons I learned. Put me in swimsuit before you go. Wee man doesn't have the patience in strange place for Mummy to get her clothes off and kit on.. Put wee man in his costume as well. The noise was scaring him at the pool and we were in a changing room with a mat but trying to get on his new baby swimsuit made of Neoprene. (imagine trying to get leather pants on without talc...) Then trying to get on his wee lifejacket - all while giving him cuddle, some milk and trying to get your own swimsuit on.

However we did it. While not thrilled at start of swimming by end he was smiling as I whooshed him in water in wee circles beside me. I was down to my chest. The water was about to his belly as the lifejacket was making him pop up like a cork. He was enjoying it though and so was I. Another first and we'll be back again. This time with our swimsuits on before we go...


So wee man moved into his own room and own big crib Thursday night.

He had got well just too big for the co-sleeper. He was too long and now that he moves around the bed at night he was waking himself up banging arms, legs and head on the sides and corners. He was waking for feeds mainly because he had woke himself up. His crib however doesn't come through the door without a full taking apart action so decided time to go to his own bed and I would sleep in that room first night to check on him.

So he went down after a nice bath and did really well. (We don't say out loud directly about sleeping through the night, because as soon as you do- then they stop as the baby gods laugh at you.)

How did I do though? Thursday night I slept in the room so could tiptoe and see him. I slept so so as that bed is like rocks to me. Which is funny because everyone who stays loves it.

Friday night though he was on his own and we were in our bed. I had the video monitor beside my head so I could see him, the baby movement monitor on so I could hear him and we slept like babes in the wood till 7am.

The night before though got a bit weepy. This was such a big step for me. He has slept in that co-sleeper right beside my head and heart since he came home with us. Even when I went back to work part-time and he went to daycare I didn't get weepy. I think that was more of my milestone than his. Also I was so busy when I went back trying to keep all the customers happy who had missed me that I didn't have time to reflect. But Thursday night I could and I did. We mused about his growing out of clothes so quickly. How he loves to sit up and roll around now. All steps in his independence. And sleeping in his own crib and room, my wee man was taking a huge step. He did great though all weekend. And yes he is no longer so close to my head at night but he is always close to my heart.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

doing a Pauline

So my Mum is brilliant. Brilliant Mammy and at moment is in NY with Dad after a trip last month to New Hampshire and month before that Australia. She's treating her sister who just turned 30 (twice ;-) to a trip to NY. As she says there's no brinks truck following a hearse. (those armored vans at banks). She also says a shroud has no pockets so might as well enjoy it here.

She also has this habit of guessing the ending to thrillers, mysteries, whodunnits etc at the start of the movie. When I was in Ireland me and her ended up turning into a TV movie or show also near the end of it and it became a game to guess what had happened so far, who was guilty and how they did it. When everyone else was confused by the movie Usual Suspects my Mum said - he did and etc right at the start..

Funny thing is that even though she can deduce who did it like a modern day Agatha Christie we still have surprised her many an occasion for birthday and anniversary's with no clue by her. Once I flew back for a cousins reception and surprised them meeting them up north in a hotel. I came over and pretended to take their drink order. My Dad recognized my voice looked up and laughed having finally caught him (he's nearly impossible to surprise). My Mum kept looking at the menu telling me she was deciding what to have and finally after I said Mam! She looked up and said wow I thought that voice was familiar...

Anyways - where was I.. Yes guessing the end of movies.. So now I find myself watching medium and first 10 minutes I guess what Alison's dream means and who did it and how. Then we watch a movie and I go aha! and tell hubbie how it was done. Thankfully he doesn't seem to mind. (that or he is listening like a real husband and only hears every 2nd word really anyway...)

So folks say they become their mothers. So guess I have but when I go Aha at the telly, now we say I'm doing a Pauline. Wonder will folks be able to surprise me as easily as we do my Mum..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

squeaky wheel

So found out yesterday that my bank decided to break my payment for a loan into two charges and charge me interest then instead of one charge. Now the total payment was $25 and they charged me $10 planning to charge me $15.34 next month. It annoyed me so I called them about it.

Me - this is just insulting- I have x amount of money in that account to cover the charge why didn't you just take one payment instead of splitting it.
Them - we aren't authorized to.
Me - well I am authorizing you and I'm not paying that interest
Them - sorry we cant take it off.
Me - then I am closing my accounts and my hubbies and take our business elsewhere. If you think I'm being silly about 34 cents you're right I am!
Them - please hold I'll get a supervisor
Them- we cant take off but we have credited your account 34 cents to offset.
Me - Thank you.

Who says squeaky wheels don't get the oil. Today 34 cents. Tomorrow the world...

Mothers spit

I got wee man a body suit that says spit on that tissue and I'm calling social services...
I caught myself today spitting on my finger and wiping off some dirt on his face... Yep its happened. What even made me laugh louder was that I saw theres a clean product out like purell called Moms Spit, that doesn't smell as alcohol like. But seriously would you buy a product called Moms Spit?

In Ireland back in the 80's we discovered this awesome Japanese sports drink for re hydrating yourself after sports. I worked at the university gym (note I didnt say I worked out) so loved the sweet salty taste of the drink. It was called Pocari and we sold tons of them. Finally the sales picked up so much that the marketing team decided to launch with the English name of the drink


Yep Pocari Sweat. Thats the real name of the product. Can i have a can of sweat please.

Sales plummeted and they wondered why.. Wonder if Mothers Spit will sell.



I have sniffles I'm sure from the wee man whose nose is running like a tap. He's also dribbling like a waterfall so basically he grins, sneezes and then drools all over you. Sadly I don't mind.

I like to think that all these wee colds we get boost up our immune system so that if we are ever invaded by aliens who are mean and nasty like in War of the Worlds that our immunity to colds will save us and they will all keel over dead from the common cold. That's the thoughts that keep me going as I try and keep a piece of tissue up my nose while typing..


Most folks are betting on March Madness. I am betting on size of my bra cups now after the whole preggers and feeding. From some folks telling me they went smaller afterwards I'm hoping for the same. At least under a G would be nice. I dream of bras that aren't made for haulin the Titanic up. In school the boys would try and twang the back of our bras to ping us. Once a brave young snotty 12 year old tried to do the same to me. I think he was catapulted over the Irish Sea.

Monday, March 17, 2008

wee man

Today the wee man dressed up in his Irish Rugby shirt and we went to the doctors. He got his 2nd flu shot and he's done now till another 3 months. He slept this afternoon and poor lad is waivering between feeling OK and feeling grumpy drawers.. So extra kisses and hugs for him, but like I need an excuse. It will be a while though till the green sparkles are out of his hair. Hubbie got him a wee green bowler hat and trying it on Saturday we discovered it dumped green sparkles everywhere that even a good soak in the bath couldn't get out.
So here's to my wee sparkly man on St Patricks Day. Half Irish, 100% cuddly..

wonderful weekend

So Friday went to the Y and decided to drop wee man off so he could meet some of the child workers before we went out that night. I dropped over to the gym to walk on treadmill and ended up meeting with their trainer for free who signed me up and showed me the machines. I ended up lifting over 1071 pounds over the hour in weights on various machines and doing a wee walk on treadmill and the bike. Cool gym where you log onto each machine and it keeps track of what you are doing. You even get fitness points that you can then trade in for prizes along the way. What a cool idea. Wee man enjoyed his hour and later that night dropped him off and me and hubbie whisked off to watercourse way for a hot tub soak and a massage.

This was no wimpy smell the candles and enjoy some lavender oil massage. This was one of those holy crap i didn't realize i had a muscle knot and the guys working with his fingers and feels like his elbow.. It was brilliant and well needed. We fell out of there picked wee man up and all fell into bed sore and happy. The massage was so needed and thankfully we had the hot tub soak beforehand or poor guy would have been trying to massage a brick...

Saturday night we had 6 folks coming over for dinner from the church that we hadn't met. So we cleaned our arses off Saturday morning. Pretty much piling the where does it go into the boxroom and cleaned the front room, kitchen and entertained the wee man who just loves to roll around pretty much as much as you let him. We dropped him off then to wee girl who's babysat him for a couple of hours before and we went and watched the spiderwick chronicles. We probably should have gone home and cooked instead but I thought we wouldn't feel like we had a babysit moment. The wee man loves going to his daycare lady house and loves her kids so perfect that he was there. We got home and I whisked up 22 chicken enchiladas like a enchilada making machine and popped an apple pie into the oven, heating also up enchiladas, made some Mexican style rice, southwestern corn, a baileys cheesecake and we were all set. (Imagine Tasmian devil in Kitchen and thats pretty much me cooking)..

Our kitchen is tiny.. so we moved some furniture around and did a table and card table for 8 folks in a diagonal. Warned them when they arrived that once they sat down that was it. They were then stuck there. Also hubbie picked up wine where I had splurged at Bev Mo at their 5 cents sale for buy one get 2nd at 5 cents. So we had plenty to share since I bought 22 bottles....

So folks arrived on dot at 7pm. Which cracks me up as if this was an Irish party people would be coming around say 830ish for 7pm. The wee man woke up from his nap, got some cuddles and flirting in with the nice folks and then was down for 830 after some carrot mush.

We had a lovely dinner, met some lovely folks and I discovered that maybe 10 enchiladas would probably have been enough. We are hosting another one in May and then we'll do a buffet BBQ.

Lovely way to meet some folks from the church and we all agreed its a nice wee church where folks are friendly but not in a scary way. That's important. Also nobody is asking us to put our hands on the TV screen and be saved by the big J. Always a good sign. I like this wee Lutheran church. Its Catholic Lite :-) And with the changes that I always thought be a good idea with the RC church.

Sunday we basically lazed around and I got stuck in clearing up the boxroom where we had thrown everything in while 'cleaning' Saturday. Getting there. At least we can see the bed again. Then some Torch Wood on BBC America which we just got this week.

Hope your weekends were fun but relaxing as well. Anyone for enchiladas?

for the love of all that is holy please use vinegar!

So today is St Patricks Day - the Irish Saint (not born in Ireland as we had actually kidnapped him from Wales or there abouts to mind sheep). And in America to celebrate they have parades with hornpipes and kilts (both Scottish and not Irish) and also they have Corn Beef and Cabbage for dinner to celebrate.

Why? Corn Beef and Cabbage is about as Irish as spaggetti and meatballs.. Couldnt we do this with Baileys and IceCream. Or even a shot of whiskey and a baked potatoe. Even thats more friggin Irish than corn beef and cabbage. The Irish in NY turn of century wanted to eat something nice around Easter. Normally its lamb or a cut of nice beef. Not having farms to go eat off in Yonkers, Hells Kitchen etc they turned to their neighbors to see what they were eating. Aha - corned beef (beef cured in salt), nowadays brine. Lets boil that and eat that to celebrate. And somehow this pretty tasteless dish has become the sign of food of Irish on St Patricks Day.

And they don't even use vinegar in boiling the cabbage so never mind you have a meal that's meat soaked in brine, with mushy cabbage and boiled potatoes but also everyone is farting to a bandplay afterwards.

So toot on dear America. I didn't eat corn beef in Ireland for Paddy's Day and not going to start now.

Tonight I'm going to cook Spaghetti Bolognese. (With spaghetti and not rice in case anyone knows my stories from Ireland.) Might as well. Its as Irish as corned beef is.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

tasting blocks

Wee man tasting the shape of blocks. I think the red triangle is a winner.

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So mailed off some loose tobacco yesterday to my favourite uncle Raymond as belated birthday gift. Raymond's one of those well to be honest black sheep relations that you just love. He's a character and sharp wit that still is king of comebacks. He's that rogue that you find hard to hate even though there's always dubious goings on. One of my first memories is Raymond lining all four of us up in a line, me and my sisters and then in unison us showing my Mum our new trick Raymond had taught us - wiping our noses on our sleeves synchronized... There's an Olympic category you probably wont get to see.

His patience for us as kids was just amazing. I remember we had a game where we'd say Raymond and he would say What. We'd then say don't call us What stick your head in a porridge pot and we would do this with him for what seemed hours with him saying what every time to our delight.. He also would let us play knock knock jokes with him forever.

Another time I remember him detailing to me how he was writing to a company saying he found a stone in the pocket of the trousers he had bought but not before it cut him and caused an infection. Company wrote back saying sorry and Raymond jumped on it with zeal expanding to gangrene and a leg nearly lost from the pebble in his said trouser leg. Finally I think they just got sick of all the letters and sent him $50 for new trousers... He is also known by voice now alone by the radio station for competitions as he's always calling in. He wins a lot as he's smart as a whip. I think his local county council has a file cabinet just full of his letters. My Mum was saying what a pain it was having to stop over in Shannon airport coming back from Boston last week when she had paid for a direct flight. I told her to complain to the company and she said what would she say - I reminded her that all she had to do was channel her brother's writing campaigns and probably end up with free tickets if not the company itself.. :-)

He once called me crack of dawn to ask me was I on drugs? Me half awake - no - why you asking that Raymond? Well you must be he said to write that Christmas Letter - I couldn't make head nor tails of it. It was our first Christmas letter myself and yet to be hubbie penned talking about our visit to Hamilton Observatory and where we got engaged. Hubbie had mentioned refractive telescope we got to see through in the letter. Whats a refractive telescope got to do with Christmas he asked. I laughed and explained the engagement story and the Observatory. What you doing watching space from going up a mountain 20 miles he asked. Sure just turn on your telly, I'm watching Star Trek Voyager here right now. He sends me texts in the same vein at all hours as well making me laugh.

I remember my Mum telling me a comeback by Raymond that still makes me laugh. My lived with my Granny God rest her and lets just say my Granny was Queen of getting last word in and if you crossed the street, she crossed a 12 lane highway in bare feet. My cousins were saying they had to cut a salmon head off with a butcher knife because it was so big and my Granny retorted that once she had to take a hacksaw to a cod fish head to get it off as was so tough.. Seriously...

So my Aunt Sharon was saying that it was a great drying day for washing and she had put the boys jeans out and weren't they bone dry not an hour later. My aunt lives about 20 mins walk from my Granny's house. My Granny sniffed, well she said I put out Raymond's jeans hand wrung and they dried in a half an hour. Her wind somehow better and faster by her house.. Raymond jumped in - sure that's nothing he said. I put out my jeans hand washed and they came back 15 minutes later ironed...

Everyone needs some characters in their family history.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

girls night in

My friend Ciara had a wonderful idea. Normally stuck in her house on a Friday as he hubbie goes plays poker she had a few friends drop by. So she spread the word and now planning once a month for a girls night in. I dropped in last Friday and spread the word with two other girlfriends coming down with about 10 of us there. Stories were swapped and we laughed ourselves so hard that I thought I would be sore for the week from laughing

I did my wee entertainment spot when Ciara said - wait till S tells you some of her medical stories. All true and of course some Irish spin on them makes them a good story but one of my fav stories was told by our friend Clare.

C was at this music teachers class and the teacher was getting all the different folks from different cultures to share their special country folk dances. Morris dancing from England, Irish Dancing and so on. She kept hounding the girl from Iceland for her special dance and after a few weeks she showed them an old dance. Iceland has a lot of horses and to stop them running too freely they hobble them with a rope from back leg to front so they can walk but not run. So representative of this they tied a scarf from leg to leg while they sang an Icelandic old tune. Fast forward couple of years and C is on her way to England via Iceland. Decides to stay in Iceland for a week and by coincidence sees her old Icelandic pal at airport who has come home. She welcomes C and tells her to come over for dinner in a couple of days and they will give her lift to hostel as her sister is picking her up. Sister picks them up and they introduce while driving to hostel. This isn't one of the people you had doing that Icelandic dance you made up is it.. Oh yes it was.. Poor girl was so embarrassed. She had felt so put on spot to have a native dance that she made it up.. Funny and true. The best ones always are..

roll this way, then that way

Things are on a roll here at the McViking household

Not just trying to get dinner for 8 with our church all ready for Saturday but also the wee man is now rolling around as a means of locomotion.

Its very funny to watch him try to get to a toy and for some reason roll in opposite direction and turn himself around to roll the other way. He's been getting tired which is a good thing considering all the food he's now eating. Just watching him engage his tummy muscles and legs and coordinate the move is amazing.

I was reading that babies normally are on a few baby teaspoons at this point. He is munching through a jar of food each feed. We take wee breaks as want him to set the pace but he opens and closes his mouth for more coming to dive in on the spoon like a baby bird. Now munching sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, green beans, pears, applesauce, bananas, peaches, prunes, oatmeal and rice cereal .. All loved pretty much. He's more of a veggie lover which is a good thing.

His latest trick last week at daycare was to take his sock off after eating and wipe his mouth.. Mr Manners that he is...

He's such a happy wee man. Social, loves to watch others and interact but also quite happy to play by himself for a wee bit and chew on his toys and books. Still no teeth which I tell him daily and he giggles at my no teeth exclaim!

Looks like might be taking after me that way - I didn't get my first teeth till really late and proudly boast of still having at least 5 baby teeth with big teeth under them. Every time I see a new dentist I tell them and they yes me saying you think you have big teeth but probably only one set. Then they come back from x-rays and say - my God - you have big teeth under those baby ones, how old are you again?

When we were back at hubbie's parents house a few years ago his Mum handed him a small box as they are making sure he has all his heirlooms in their later years. So he opened it and took a while to process. He gave to me shocked. His Mum had kept ALL his teeth, small ones, BIG ones, Molars, WISDOM, even one hacked into quarters to get it out. That's all your teeth that fell out or taken out she said, although the dogs teeth are probably in there as well. Good for DNA evidence if he ever goes missing she tells me, well apart from Murphys the dogs in there as well....
I think from that we'll just keep one of the wee mans teeth when they come hah. The look on customs when we went through Florida security at the airport with the teeth was priceless... Thankfully Jan didn't have any surgery or we might be coming out with jars with pickled organs...

Gandalf Jr has no teeth but he is starting to grown hair daily so has taken after Daddy and not his bald till I was 2 and lived in hats Mummy. Started to come in, looks like strawberry Blondie aka light red is the color for now.

Have a good week folks

two years ago

So Monday was our 2nd year wedding anniversary and the Hubbie did very well.. Sending me flowers delivered on Monday with a note that brought tears to my eyes, cards with more than my name and a kiss in them and a sexy new camera that's perfect for me. How perfect - its one that boasts that you can drop it and its OK. This is a good thing. I am a klutz. The one that he got me at wee mans birth doesn't work well anymore and is coming apart at the casing. Also its user interface wasn't a big hit with me, but the new camera is sexy and oh so so cool

Its waterproof, drop proof (i once dropped my old camera out window of bus in Alaska...) and has this cool feature where you can quickly take 10 photos and choose which ones you like - no more trying to get wee man for that perfect one shot!

We hit Red Robin for a wee meal to celebrate yesterday after a quick trip to target and celebrated 2 years on after Glendalough. My baby sister sent me a text reminding us it was two years ago we were all freezing our arses off by the lake for photos.

Himself I got him NC State big big blanket and NC State BBQ sauce. He likes to remind me that he showed how much he loved me by marrying me during March Madness away from the states during the finals... (previously I thought March Madness was something to do with rabbits...). Now I know better and its all about the basketball.. So I showed him I know and got him some fan stuff for his fav team :-)

Happy Anniversary Hubbie. You make my day everyday

Disco Baby...

So we're signed up for a yep a baby disco. Seemingly all the craze now, they rent out a disco during the day once a month and families go with their wee ones from 6 months to 7 years old. They have nap rooms, snack rooms, balloons, bubbles, a bar ... They charge $12 for those who can walk and for 3 hours not bad. So guess we have to think what the wee man will wear.. Maybe his new R2D2 droid hat we got from a knitter on Etsy.. Or that Darby O Gill hat his Dad bought him for St Patricks Day with the light up bow tie... Poor kid, what did he do to deserve having such geeky parents...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


so there's a lot of classes you can sign up for as a new Mum. Some are just to meet other Mums and swap war stories, some are to let your wee one try something new and some are the super Mum and super kid classes. You know the ones. The ones were if your kid is starting to just crawl. theirs has just finished climbing their first rock wall at the baby gym..

I had signed up for a stroller fit one, a week after my c-section. yeah yeah not the smartest move I made. I imagined myself walking with the baby sleeping peacefully as I walked my extra rolls off me while a cool breeze wafted through my hair. OK you can stop laughing now.

Reality of course was that I didnt feel like moving my arse off the bed, my boobs leaked milk like Niagara falls, last thing I could do was get myself out of bed and dressed for 8am and no way get the wee man out. I remember first time we went out - my friend Ciara bless her came over - packed our diaper bag like a military operation, told Jan to make me something to eat while I power napped along with baby and helped us get out the door to the doctors. Now I sling wee man in one arm while holding everything else in other, toss into front seat, put him in car seat and off we zoom.

We did attend baby and me pilates at the community center. More trying to feed wee man while everyone elses baby cooed and ooghed on the mat. I think neither of us got much out of it at that point as he didn't like lying down on mat and I couldn't do any of the poses as he wanted to play.

So signed up now for a music class. Not a - he's trying to learn an instrument. This is more singalongs and all clapping hands. He loves music so good for us to get out. This one will be at 1030 though - so much more likely we're out the door. Nowadays we can be up and out by 8am but on those week days where its just me and the wee man why rush if we don't have to ;-)

Monday, March 03, 2008

swim swim swim

So Friday brought the wee man to the local Y pool. I had wanted to bring him for a couple of weeks but sure there was the flu that we all got. Thankfully not a full dose as we had got the vaccinations but enough to make us all sick over a couple of weeks and linger on like the smell of burnt popcorn..

It was 83 degrees and wasn't as warm as it normally felt when supposed to be 83 degrees so didn't keep in water too long. Also he was keening a wee moan just taking it all in. So we walked around the shallow end looking at the two wee boys also swimming. There was no body else in the pool so perfect. Of course the two boys migrated down to us and started splashing because that's Murphy's law but wee lad was happy to watch them and relaxed then looking around. We played a little then on the steps and I decided I need a baby wet suit kinda of thing to keep him warmer as even if I kept moving he wouldn't be warm enough. (a few clicks later and the wee suits on way ! All with easy to fasten bums for those swim diaper changes)

It was lovely to get out with him and go to the pool, especially since I spent most of my pregnancy walking in that pool. Still a bit of an expedition type packing on changing him there as wasn't sure first time but next time I don't think I'll need the three robes and four towels.. Also they have two changing tables within small dressing room by the pool that's perfect for changing a baby in so will change him there next time.

I had been for a swim night before. Hubbie saw that I needed a swim that night after an annoying call with a customer in afternoon. To summarize this customer had to do one wee tiny thing as headquarters wouldn't give me their information as customer only request. Now I had done everything else for them but still demanded I do that even though I had explained nicely since January I couldn't and practically spoon fed them how to do it explaining via email, phone and in person that they needed to call. Yet they demanded again like a petulant child, why do we even have a team if you don't do these for us. Guess their understanding of a team is a bit screwed up.

Anyway got to point where customer was shouting at me on phone. I don't do shouting. I just told him that's how it was and I did get bothered more by the fact that only day before had seen customer and told them again they ended to call to get this tinsy winsy bit of info. Like asking someone to go to bathroom for you. You may wish all you want but end of the day you have to take that piss yourself. Capish !

So the swim was fab and got me thinking that probably easiest way for us to get out now is do to this tag team. Wee lad is normally now down around 830 ish so getting out for a swim or golf driving range is perfect if we swap each night so that we both get some exercise in. Saturday morning I got to sleep in (and Sunday too I am so so spoiled!) and himself went off to golf Sat afternoon while me and the wee man battled babies r us and target for some stuff I wanted to get. (more washable bibs, more spoons, training sippy cups, wee highchair for travel and going out that clamps to table for Florida, more baby food since he's eating like a horse and sunscreen wipes since the sun has decided to come out here again)

So plan to get more swim in this week and get back to being fitter. Swim Swim Swim..