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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mothers spit

I got wee man a body suit that says spit on that tissue and I'm calling social services...
I caught myself today spitting on my finger and wiping off some dirt on his face... Yep its happened. What even made me laugh louder was that I saw theres a clean product out like purell called Moms Spit, that doesn't smell as alcohol like. But seriously would you buy a product called Moms Spit?

In Ireland back in the 80's we discovered this awesome Japanese sports drink for re hydrating yourself after sports. I worked at the university gym (note I didnt say I worked out) so loved the sweet salty taste of the drink. It was called Pocari and we sold tons of them. Finally the sales picked up so much that the marketing team decided to launch with the English name of the drink


Yep Pocari Sweat. Thats the real name of the product. Can i have a can of sweat please.

Sales plummeted and they wondered why.. Wonder if Mothers Spit will sell.



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