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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

two years ago

So Monday was our 2nd year wedding anniversary and the Hubbie did very well.. Sending me flowers delivered on Monday with a note that brought tears to my eyes, cards with more than my name and a kiss in them and a sexy new camera that's perfect for me. How perfect - its one that boasts that you can drop it and its OK. This is a good thing. I am a klutz. The one that he got me at wee mans birth doesn't work well anymore and is coming apart at the casing. Also its user interface wasn't a big hit with me, but the new camera is sexy and oh so so cool

Its waterproof, drop proof (i once dropped my old camera out window of bus in Alaska...) and has this cool feature where you can quickly take 10 photos and choose which ones you like - no more trying to get wee man for that perfect one shot!

We hit Red Robin for a wee meal to celebrate yesterday after a quick trip to target and celebrated 2 years on after Glendalough. My baby sister sent me a text reminding us it was two years ago we were all freezing our arses off by the lake for photos.

Himself I got him NC State big big blanket and NC State BBQ sauce. He likes to remind me that he showed how much he loved me by marrying me during March Madness away from the states during the finals... (previously I thought March Madness was something to do with rabbits...). Now I know better and its all about the basketball.. So I showed him I know and got him some fan stuff for his fav team :-)

Happy Anniversary Hubbie. You make my day everyday


At 9:11 AM, Blogger beckah said...

happy anniversary! sounds like you had a wonderful day. lots of love. ~b


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