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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


so there's a lot of classes you can sign up for as a new Mum. Some are just to meet other Mums and swap war stories, some are to let your wee one try something new and some are the super Mum and super kid classes. You know the ones. The ones were if your kid is starting to just crawl. theirs has just finished climbing their first rock wall at the baby gym..

I had signed up for a stroller fit one, a week after my c-section. yeah yeah not the smartest move I made. I imagined myself walking with the baby sleeping peacefully as I walked my extra rolls off me while a cool breeze wafted through my hair. OK you can stop laughing now.

Reality of course was that I didnt feel like moving my arse off the bed, my boobs leaked milk like Niagara falls, last thing I could do was get myself out of bed and dressed for 8am and no way get the wee man out. I remember first time we went out - my friend Ciara bless her came over - packed our diaper bag like a military operation, told Jan to make me something to eat while I power napped along with baby and helped us get out the door to the doctors. Now I sling wee man in one arm while holding everything else in other, toss into front seat, put him in car seat and off we zoom.

We did attend baby and me pilates at the community center. More trying to feed wee man while everyone elses baby cooed and ooghed on the mat. I think neither of us got much out of it at that point as he didn't like lying down on mat and I couldn't do any of the poses as he wanted to play.

So signed up now for a music class. Not a - he's trying to learn an instrument. This is more singalongs and all clapping hands. He loves music so good for us to get out. This one will be at 1030 though - so much more likely we're out the door. Nowadays we can be up and out by 8am but on those week days where its just me and the wee man why rush if we don't have to ;-)


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