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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i can do...

So like most folks I expect the two year old stage to be the one where your kid goes I do...

Well last weekend cleaning off wee man's face with tissue after milk and he grabbed the tissue. I thought here it goes straight into his mouth but nope, he wiped his mouth then his hands, like he sees Mammy doing. So gave him another tissue to see and yep did it again. Then a cloth to see if he could transfer same property and yep smiling away dabbed at his mouth (and not sucking the cloth) and then wiped his hands.

I was pretty blown away that he already uses the sign for finished or all done when he's ready. But knowing that kids do that sign most naturally so easier as a first one to learn but the tissue thing made me laugh.

Don't worry he's not OCD re being clean. The carrot mush is up his nose, behind ears, under chin and on eyebrow. But he copied us for a task. So amazing seeing them do those wee things.

And our boys getting hair as well. Too early to say what color but its more than fuzz - theres even strands!


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