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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

say cheese - even you Robot...

So we went off to picture people yesterday to get our family photos taken. Me armed with coupons and child, hubbie armed with R2D2 robot... As you do..

Well since we all have the same t shirt from the star wars collection at Zazzle and we have the R2D2 robot thanks to Grainne my wonderful sis (who is laid up right now with stress fracture and using the time to study when I would be catching up on Angel, Buffy or Star Trek episodes...) We decided to get his photo taken with R2D2 robot and us..

We were a big hit while waiting as wee kids came up to see R2D2 and play light tag with the robot. Our Wee man was more interested in trying to lick the robot. Of course turns out the wee kid who was playing with us that his Mum was from Dublin. (I must have Irish magnets or something built into me since having Fionn, I swear I rarely ran into anyone Irish and now I'm tripping over fellow paddies...)

So our family photos were with the robot along side us. We do have some without it. We're not completely crazy - just mainly crazy...

Then Tanya met us with her three men in tow.. Her wee lad is such a cute wee chap - on finding out that they were meeting us at the mall he asked so where are we eating. He associates us with eating now, he knows us well... Her other wee boy is only 4 months older than our wee man. Hes so animated and happy. We had a lovely lunch with kids climbing around us and our pictures taken.

Then it was off home and hubbies mate came over that evening since he was working up here in the area and came over and had some good Baja fresh food all while getting a good cuddle in from the wee man. When its nicer out we will go down see their clann down Santa Barbara way. They have such a great family - two lovely wee lads (one who followed me around when we first met after some banoffee pie - saying yummy pie yummy pie before he crashed from the sugar shock) and his wee brother who loves our Darth Tater Potato Head - and calls him Darth Bater and exclaims that he has a big helmet and head, and so he does so theres no arguments there. Plus a very cool Mum and Dad who we wished lived nearer.

So a good Presidents day - we even got to use coupons at the store, isn't sales what that holidays is about anyway ;-)


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