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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gadgets that should exist

So 4am this morning was woken rudely by someone honking their car horn. Not an alarm but someone deciding that they wanted to wake everyone up including the wee man who is having a hard enough time trying to sleep with his stuffed nose. He falls asleep, then cant breathe as nose stuffed and sucking on his soother, spits out soother to breathe, then cries when he realizes soother is out and repeat till morning... He got more hours last two nights with help of dozal but at 4am I was thinking of gadgets that we should already have invented against arses like the folks who thought slamming their horn at 4am was a good idea..

1. A gadget that turns radio stations. So the yobbos are driving by with their bass on full - blasting and thumping past your house. (or car - don't you just love being at a stop light and someone else thinking that you want to really listen to every thump of their 'music') from their car. So this would be how the magic button works - one flick on your changearadio button and their base heavy music which they think everyone would love to listen to changes to NPR at full volume, or the love station and gets stuck on that station for 7 days...

2. A gadget that calls cell phone if your alarm goes off. So car alarm goes off rings your cell phone and vibrates and dings and doesn't stop till you turn off your car alarm off. Handy for those 4am car alarm goes off and the owners seem to sleep through it when nobody else is able to..

3. slow down gadget - Compulsory on residential streets. When your car goes over 30mph or whatever is posted speed car slows down automatically from a wireless monitor that automatically slows down car to 15mph.

4. Motorbike tuner - For those weekend warriors who think that the noisier and louder their bike is the cooler it is. This magic gadget would make their bike stall safely and wont work until their bike turns over without making everyone else hard of hearing.
(I used to live on a road where there was a plethra of bikers on a Saturday and Sunday all out roaring down the road past by bedroom waking me up - I used to dream of putting stale milk out so their bikes would smell of it but magic button more effective..)

So what other gadgets would you like to see ?


At 6:16 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

I'd so happily help fund development of #1. All Kenny G. and traffic talk.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

LOL...though I grown to have a different view on the loud motorcylce pipes since my hubby got a bike... Turns out they're safer for the biker as it lets the drivers how otherwise wouldn't see them; hear them. We've not switched out his pipes from the stock pipes, which are loud enough to let me know he's home. However, They weren't loud enough for the security cop who pulled out in front of my husband and ran him off the road. The cop was totally at fault.

So I totally sympathize, they're noisy I'll admit it. But when the cyclist ride in large packs, they are also safer that way too. John isn't allowed to go riding without a buddy anymore. It's just too dangerous as far as I'm concerned.


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