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Monday, February 11, 2008

the small things

One thing that's more painful than being sick and too ill to move, is being sick as a parent. Took wee man with me to doctor yesterday as I couldnt swallow, coudlnt catch a full breath and felt in general awful. He's got a cold so he was up night before crying on and off from 3am trying to suck his soother and breathe through a clogged nose poor wee lad.

So on top being sick had no sleep. The vaporizer, vicksrub and saline drops didnt work that wll for him or elevated head in the crib.

Doc put me on antibiotics as swollen glands and throat, an inhaler for chest to open up as blocked and painkiller with relaxer in it to open up airways. Dropped off prescription and went home and got wee man down for a nap.

Hubbie the wonderful came home early from work and picked up my meds and took the wee man when he woke up and I got two hours of glorious sleep with my meds kicking in. Hubbie is feeling sick himself and taking care of both of us. He brought me chicken gumbo soup with toast and 7up for dinner. Perfect get well food and exactly what I was thinking about.

Gave the wee man a dose of dozal last night -Covered him in vicks baby rub, vaporizer and head elevated. He woke up at 4 for soother and then back over and didnt wake till 7 so we both got a great nights sleep. Hubbie slept in other room as he needed a full night for work.
What a difference a full night sleep makes.

I have so much more empathy for my sister when her kids seem to get sick one after the other and she is as well with whatever is brought home from school and my Mum who I know had to have sick days where the last thing she wanted to do was get out of bed and look after all of us but she did. And even more love for my hubbie who rushed home to take care of both of us when he feels sick too.


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