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Thursday, February 07, 2008

the little things

my wonderful caregiver Catherine was musing over the differences when Mammys versus Daddys drop off their wee ones to her. My hubbie dropped the wee man off yesterday as I was gone by 7am. I am so thankful he did but I still get to slag him off for the differences

He forgot to drop off with Fionn
1. No soother/pacifier - thankfully I had spares that I had given her in a bag already
2. No milk - still in freezer at home. Thankfully she has formula I got her as well
3. Didnt let her know when he had eaten last. Thankfully wee man is on a routine and eats pretty much again at 10 and she's good figuring that he'd eat if he was hungry and wouldnt if he wasnt
4. Forgot to tell her re the fever he had night before
5. Sweater I had put out to put on him still at home on table

So Catherine says - The Mums hang out for a little while - make sure the wee ones are settled and let her know any news - how they slept, when they last ate and make sure all good before leaving. The Dads drop off and run pretty quickly out the door :)

I'll have to see what the differences is when Daddys pick up wee ones. At least he dropped him off and fed and changed him beforehand.


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