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Friday, January 25, 2008

Angels Camp

Off to Angels Camp www.angelscamp.com this weekend with our mates Sean and Maricar :-) Its with worldmark resorts the not a timeshare kind of timeshare that Jan owns. You can use credits in any of the resorts and we're using bonus time this weekend so comes to something like $12 for whole weekend with two bedroom apt, swimming pool and jacuzzi on site. They even will go grocery shopping for you before you go so theres basics in the apartment which is great.

Weather looks to be more rain rain rain. But we will get to see Columbia State Park again where himself got a lovely waistcoat last time. Its a state park that they have kept the old main street like it was house on the prairie :-) And of course then onto Murphys - the best kept secret this side of the rockies. Its a lovely wee town - one main street with 21 free wine tasting rooms. Yes free. No more driving your arse around Napa to pay $5 for one glass of wine. Here its 4 or 6 drinks of great local wine. Am I happy to be going - oh yes!


At 7:13 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

wow, what a great price for a weekend getaway. have fun.


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