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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

back to work

So back to work yesterday. Wee man had already been at Catherines a few days in a row for half days but yesterday was first all day there and first day back for me.
Since I was mainly working from home it was so strange to be home and Fionn not here. I missed him a lot. When I picked him up he had a kilowatt bulb smile for me and tried to bite my nose. His way of saying I missed you too Mammy. When we got home he was so full of beans that night with me and hubbie. He bounced for nearly half an hour in his bouneroo. Having so much fun and laughing as he bounced sideways, up and down and back to front. Its like a baby treadmill. At 10 he was all cuddled, changed and he just lay down in his crib and snuggled into his puppy blanket and slept. Me I fell into bed, slept like a log as well, both of us knackered after a juggling plates day. I'm only back part-time and lucky I can do that. I missed him though and sure today will be the same.


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