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Monday, January 14, 2008

i can do this

So a week ago - it was an accidently brush against the buttons to make a noise. Now he's playing them like a drum set hearing all the noises and working the beads side to side. Got me thinking that I get to see all these changes daily with being at home and when I go back to work tomorrow I'll probably miss some of them. We're lucky that Catherine lovely lady who will be taking care of him fills me in daily on all his wee activites and you can see its not just a he went bathroom twice kind of list. She lets me know that today the word donut got giggles today and he laughed when they found tiggles on his toes. So if I cant be there for every wee new change at least I know he's got someone who will love him and give him those tiggles and kisses when we cant be there.
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