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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So last night we sat with our legs up, furniture on the sofa and rug off the floor.. Why you may ask... Well because Santa brought us a robot vacuum cleaner.. The Roomba - Its an amazing wee vacuum cleaner that cleans the room really well. I dont know how much time it will save at the start as we basically sat watching it for nearly half an hour mesmerized by its moving around objects, sudden burst of energy when it found a dirty spot. We loved it and will be a huge time saver when wee man starts chomping food and throwing crumbs everywhere.

Now if we could just get one to put away the clothes after laundry...

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Ours was just us three, I made roast chicken dinner with all the fixins, we sat and played with the new Wii games and watched wee mans face of surprise every time he bounced some more in his new bounceroo.

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