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Monday, December 24, 2007

18 weeks

wee man is 18 weeks today and one word captures this weekend


He's been drooling for a few weeks now , hand in gob munching on his fingers. Picked up more this week and biting hard down on our knuckles. Tried cool teething rings, all shapes and sizes, no interest. Even a cold wet facecloth to munch on, no interest

We went to www.costanoa.com a luxury camping spa kind of place south of Half Moon Bay. We stayed in the lodge upgrading ourselves from our usual tent cabins for the indoor bathroom, soaking tub, fireplace and yes indoor bathroom with the wee man. Also included was two massages that we separated out so we had time for handoff of the wee lad. He slept in his new peapod travel bed which is a cool little tent and himself wants one and was envious of the wee mans small baby tent. He had him on the patio in the tent next day saying you're in a red tent, you're in a red tent much to the giggles of wee man.

The wee man was up every hour first night with his teeth - so next day took him off on search of a pharmacy while hubbie had a massage. At Rite Aide I bought several teething rings, oralgel for day and night and homeopathic remedies for teething and a vibrating teething ring. It vibrates when you bite on it and so far this has been the winner with himself ignoring all the other rings completely. He cant make it vibrate yet but when i pinch down on it it vibrates and he just looks in awe as his mouth shakes and massages his gums... The funniest thing with this in his mouth and him vibrating. So armed with everything for teething Rite Aide had to offer I came back to the lodge and I had a lovely massage and soak in hot tub after with lying down on a table for an hour my favourite.

The homeopathic teething tablets also seem the best as the oralgel numbs his gums but he screams in protest at it being put on and also you have to be careful as can numb their throat by mistake and stop their gagging reflex. The wee tablets he takes no problem and they just dissolve. He slept a wee bit better Sunday night and when we got back yesterday we went to see the Golden Compass at local cinema with him in the wrap post feed and tablets and he slept mostly through it with me jiggling in the seat like a mad woman to keep him asleep while we watched the movie. Thankfully very few in movie so sat near the back where my bad attempt at RiverDance went unnoticed..

Movie wasn't fantastic but neither was that first book so expect good things if the bigots let the 2nd and 3rd ones be made. So funny they are fighting re the movie being God or Anti God - theres nothing like that in the movie as they watered down the books completely. Just good fantasy and good CGI (hello Lucas take note...)

Last night he slept 8-11 and then back down at 1230 and till 630 ! with just a pop in back the soother/pacifier at 5am. Then he slept till 930 ! that's better than any Christmas Pressie I tell ya - more than 2 hours of sleep straight yippee!

So all Fionn wants for Christmas of course is his two front teeth ;-)

Wishing you and yours a fantastic holiday season - if you celebrate Christmas blessings to you and yours and if not then warm blessings for the New Year and hope Santa brings you all something nice.


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