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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

first day of daycare

So I'm not back to work till January, which is coming up so so fast. Wee kid is 4 months old already. Hes such a different baby to the one at the start of the trip to Ireland. (Figuratively speaking folks, I know Irish babies do tend to look all alike but hes ours I swear...)

He is so much chattier, trying to sit up on own, doesn't want to lie down anywhere, great at going down for naps now (45 mins after a feed - hes like clockwork goes down for an hour)... And smiling and laughing. We got his first real laugh in Ireland and yesterday was another first - his first time in daycare.

We've gone out and had friends or family mind him but yesterday for half day brought him to wonderful Catherine to get him used to her house for when I go back. Doing that three times this week and of course I packed for Everest and also did a caretaking list for Fionn.

Himself made fun of me for making over detailed, 5 ways to get him to sleep, what games he likes, cream on his bum bum when you change him etc.. His schedule. Catherine thanked me as made looking after him so much easier knowing his wee likes and dislikes (still not a fan of being naked or bath..) So of course I did a nah nah nah nah there see at himself when I got home. Make fun of my list would you. How else would you know that he likes his wee blankie over part of his head when he sleeps. That he needs to be on his side to nap propped up with his soother before he'll drift off..

And that list isn't that detailed, its missing how I blow on his hands to distract him when he gets fussy, how I kiss his head at least ten times when I hold him in my arms before a nap, how I kept looking back in my car yesterday while driving to the doctors and missing his wee face in the mirror..

Having people babysit him at our house, or my Mam minding him at hers when we were over was fine and great.. Yesterday went terrific, just me the Mammy who has to wipe a wee tear. He was at someone elses house and I wasn't there. Yesterday we both took a big first step..


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