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Friday, November 16, 2007

full house

So off to Ireland on Sunday for two weeks..

And next weekend then my brother Col coming over from London with Caz and Megan their daughter who I haven't met yet who is a year old, Fiona coming down with Paul from Belfast with their 4 kids :-), Orla coming up with James and their two kids and I haven't met Eoin their wee one either and Gra and Chris coming in from West Meath and we're all staying at my Mum and Dads house in Donaghmede with me, Jan and Fionn.

So 12 adults and 8 children under age of 8....

My parents also got their attic converted in August so more bedrooms - otherwise was the three bedrooms (and one is a small boxroom as they call them) and whatever floor space you could get and one bathroom. Now theres two which is fantastic. When we all moved out you'd think that they need less space but then we went off and multiplied and come back with the brood...

I'm sure Saturday night our place will be fun. We're a loud fun group and our own gang by sheer numbers... Only one missing is Maeve and her boyfriend Warren who are now in New Zealand after trekking around South America for 12 or so weeks. Told her I'd have some Mums Irish Stew to make up for her not being there as its her fav. Me - I cant wait to make coleslaw sandwich on real decent bread... Jans looking forward to Dunnes stores and clothes shopping :-)


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