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Friday, November 16, 2007

yeti feet..

Its official, I have man feet...

So brought back a pair of shoes to REI as when I got home and tried on with socks, weren't as comfy as I thought.

Now before the baby, I'll admit to having shoes that weren't that comfy. Well that has gone out the window. When you're standing so long and picking up and down you need to make sure those canal barges on end of your legs are well taken care of. Not that I even wore high heels. You cant be as large chested as I am and wear high heels. Gravity works way too well and you end up on your snot most of the time. Maybe a good block kind of heel, with a weight tied on your back to keep you upright, but I digresss...

So brought back and got a pair of crocs mary jane style so narrower than the typical smurf ones. Crocs are comfy but lets face it very smurf looking.. So then asked the assistant to get me pair of shoes, slip on (don't have time to do laces, plus I like just slipping on shoes) and in wide. Several shoes later we ran out of women's shoes to try on. I know its not a shoe store being REI a hiking outdoor store but still, kind of depressing. Pre-pregnancy I had a wide foot but still pretty petite at size 7-71/2 - then got bigger last year at 8- now I'm a 9.

So I said - well lets try the men's shoes. They're wider right? The assistant said well yep but might not have styles you like. Well I borrow hubbies shoes sometimes to run out and get the mail and his are way comfy! So he brought over two pairs and loved the first.

So its official I have man feet. Nice thing is its my hubbies size so we can now borrow each others shoes..


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