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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

our first night out and good friends

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So Sat 20th our friends Sarah and Steven got married and myself and himself were invited to wedding and reception in San Francisco. So we thought about who could mind munchkin for first time

In steps amazing Aki and her hubbie Francisco. She came over a few days before so walking through wee Fionn's schedule. Then they came over an hour before hand so I could hand them the list I typed up and go through his wee schedule. I had typed up things like how to get him to sleep - what to do when he cries etc.

I knew Fionn would be grand and was in great loving hands. Still hard to leave him but we did and they had a lovely time with him and this was Aki when we came back - still snuggling with him. We had a great time at the wedding and nice to get out and get dressed up :)

One thing I need to change on my list was I put that he might do a poop but didnt mention that for breast fed babies that can be once a day or every two days. Poor guys must have changed his nappy/diaper like 6 times in 6 hours looking for the poop that didnt come. He waited till midnight for his Dad to change him on that one!


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