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Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween and getting to dress your kid up

So Campbell has a Halloween parade for the kids and for two hours on a Friday all the stores also give out candy. So dressing up wee Fionn in his costume and me in a costume we went downtown and walked around. Not for the candy but to walk along and take part. We even went back for the contest at the end. They put us in infants and parents group but since my costume had nothing to do with Fionn's weren't likely to win

So dressed up wee Fionn as Yoda. He sat in the sling - looking out calmly and watching everything go around. 9 weeks old now and he's so much more into looking at everything and trying to sit up and look at whats going on. I was dressed medieval Juliet kindof thing. Went for a costume that can fit these maternity boobs...

Fionn nearly didnt get to dress up as Yoda as the store sent Princess Leah costume by mistake but sure theres not enough therapy for that in the future...

So one point someone came up to me and said Yodas asleep - no I said he's just meditating

I dragged our good friends Susan and her hubbie out to contest for half hour as they had come over to hang out and have some chinese. They took great photos of us which I'll post later when I'm near the camera and computer. About 17 people had already taken wee Yodas photo during parade since they thought he was so adorable. Who am I to argue..

A lady came up to me after the contest and asked did we win. Nope I said - maybe if I had dressed up as a light sabre.. You should have won she said - he's so adorable - what a gorgeous baby. Sure I already won I said, I have him..

Have a happy Halloween folks and all our love for this ghostly holiday


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