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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


A mate Emily asked me if I had put one of my better known sayings on a Zazzle tshirt as I was telling her how I make a few bob when folks buy from my gallery at www.zazzle.com/sinead2000*

Folks like my Feckin Ejit tshirt which is slang for moron or idiot etc.

So one of my fav sayings is Get off the cross we need the wood! So made that into a shirt and another tshirt saying Once a victim, twice a volunteer...

Also made a great baby shirt other day
Spit on that tissue and I'm calling social services.. (child protective services in USA)
and I see big people...

anyhoo heres my gallery - free to set up and fun for the whole family.. even has Disney you can customize (although if you submit an Irish name seems to never appear or get approved unless you do it two or three times so shout to customer service at Zazzle - not all names are middle America...)


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