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Saturday, September 29, 2007

and the gold star goes to..

Amazing how hard it can be to get out of the house with a newborn. You have that 2 hour window (hes gone back to eating every two hours with growth spurt - he's a wee heavy brick now...) So you feed him, change him, then try and get him to take a wee sleep, he also likes to be held and wont go down..

- its now an hour or hour half later and you know in 30 mins or so he'll wake up to feed again even if he's left your arms at this point. In between getting diaper back ready to go out - (its packed but also emergency formula just in case) and then getting him into the car seat which he hates and screams in (although two good days in it in a row where yelling wasn't till end of trip so wish us luck!) and then get there and back in time... Oh and you getting dressed/showered/toilet/food (pick whichever or all of the above...)

So I think medals should be handed out just for the wee stuff. Not only for new Mums and Dads but also those wee choices..

So you got out to the store with a newborn - a medal, so you picked salad over the cheesecake, a medal, so you held your tongue when tired and bitchy, a medal. You can see where I'm going with this.

When I was 4 the school teacher gave us a gold star for rewards and if you were extra good you got a gold star on your forehead that you wore home in pride.. Sure they don't do it nowadays to scared to upset those politically correct assh*les who don't want to see some kids rewarded and others not.. But I remember the gold star fondly and the pride I felt wearing it on my forehead for my whole walk home..

So a gold star to all of us - what should you get yours for?

have a good weekend folks..


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