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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

too cool for school

Wee Fionn in his first California moment - out at farmers market with parents and Grandparents and his shades. Yes we took a photo and nope he didn't wear them longer than 30 seconds...

Also first bath this week in water since disappearing umbilical cord dropped off. He didn't scream until after bath when I had him wrapped in the towel 10 mins later. He seemed to enjoy it!

Also went to one month checkup. Now 10 and half pounds and 22.5 inches long so 2 inches longer. Hes in 75% percentile group which is great. Not too big and growing nicely. He was farting for Ireland so I have to see if I can make my diet even more bland.. cardboard anyone? Good news is I now have a reason not to eat Brussels sprouts - like I even ever started

We also tried to get a blood drawn for his HS. No luck - veins in arm too small and I go back tomorrow to see if they can get from his foot. Poor wee wee thing - my heart was breaking seeing them try to get blood and I was as calm as I could be as I knew he would be more upset if Mammy was upset. Cross fingers the foots easier than his wee chubby arm

Off to try and sleep - only got two hours last night and two hour nap this afternoon. Now I know why sleep deprivation is used as torture. But Fionn smiled at me yesterday and today so it makes it all so worth it. My wee wizard. He knows how to pull a smile just when you think you should swap him in for a wee baby that sleeps easier ;-)


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