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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Awake time

It doesnt seem from photos but wee Borg is awake during the day and of course night! Its funny that taking 40 mins for him to go asleep during the day is no bother, at night can feel like 4 hours. He's training us well though and doing a pretty nifty job himself. Now if he can figure out what his hands are that would be great, as if we don't swaddle him and practically tie them down near his waist he smacks himself in face with a hand and then wakes up crying looking at us like we're to blame. We haven't the heart to tell him its himself doing it, figure he will get the memo sometime re hands smacking yourself in head...

Here's one of himself awake.. Annoucements went out this weekend. I stamped postcards mid feed... One typo which for sleep deprived parents is pretty good let me tell you... Blame photoshop for no spell check..


At 3:23 PM, Blogger The Hiking Viking said...

we fixed the typo. zazzle's good like that ;-).


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