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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

While the baby sleeps

So will post later because its been a hell of a ride last two weeks, new baby, being a new Mum, and some funny stories in between of course including flashing our pastor while breastfeeding... and the nurses getting mixed up re my hereditary spherecytosis and thinking I had sickle cell anemia and wondering who was black in my family (including asking me who tans well in my family in a round about way of asking who person who could have sickle cell.. Its been wierd, wonderful and above all bloody fantastic.

So because every new Mum thinks her baby is cute - heres some photos - enjoy !


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

Yeah, even doctors don't seem to know what HS is...sure they try and pull it off like they knew all that, but after I've had to point out on the labs where it indicated S...and they usually don't get it. I'm guessing you guys didn't have any jaundice issues. Yeah! That's great. My Peter did, and even though I told them about our HS possibility, they ignored me and said that wasn't the reason he had been jaundice at birth...go figure. I got our labs for him back (he's six years old now) a couple weeks ago, and indeed he has it. But it took me requesting the lab by name to get it done. Even then the doc had a hard time saying "osmotic fagility" what a kick it was to correct him not once, but twice. :)

Enjoy your handsome new little man, what a blessing!


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