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Thursday, August 16, 2007

sorry cant talk with my mouth full of chocolate...

So another Mummy to be Yummy to be yesterday. Myself and Ciara went to Los Gatos Hotel Spa for a Divine manicure and pedicure. (She had tried to book us for massage but they didnt have any spots together, which is good as I havent got any idea how I would get onto a massage table, plus with the hard rock belly on me I'd end up rocking like a see-saw).

What was funny was that Ciara booked it letting them know we wanted to do it together, i.e. have a good auld chinwag while the ladies pampered us. and when we got there they put us in separate rooms. My lady started on my nails, in lovely surroundings but felt a bit weird as I was there basically to chat to Ciara when another lady came in all bothered and saying, she want together but there only one light, only one light. I realized she was talking about the lamp on the desk shining on my nails. Well we could share I said, realizing Ciara had kicked up a wee bit of a fuss and with that Ciara came in smiling.

I told them we are doing this together Ciara said. They wanted to do my feet and your nails and then swap us - sure we wouldn't see each other at all. The older Korean lady was still bitching, one light, I cannot see one light.. Now this room was a dark room by any means, it wasn't a cave, it was pretty bright and I said we can share this lamp again a bit louder.

She was still protesting when I commented - its not like shes Helen Keller that we cant share this one light (bad of me I know but you swear we had asked her to give us a kidney...) The wee girl doing my nails burst out laughing which probably didn't help matters. The front desk lady came then and informed her that we were doing it together and she would get us another lamp if needed. So finally we were all sat down and they were doing our nails when the older lady started speaking Korean to my wee girl obviously still bitching. So Ciara started talking in Gaelige (Irish) to me. It was hilarious as then the older lady stopped and looked at us shocked.

At this point I am giggling like a two year old and so is my wee girl who has a sense of humor it seems. So they gave us lovely sugar scrubs on our hands and massage and I picked out a gold nail polish color - very muted and neutral. Any bright ones are just making my fingers look like huge sausages..

Then Ciara who LOVES red nail polish and the brighter the better - picks out this shocking soda red nail polish. She can wear it as has super long thin fingers. Her lady starts saying this color be better and showing a more dark red color. Ciara laughs - nope this is the one I like. Then her lady starts on a rant on it being too bright too bright. Well at least we wont need the other lamp I said.

Then over to pedicure and they moved us for that. Lazyboy chairs with heated neck wraps and they put on special cream on our feet to wear down callus while they did a sugar scrub and a soak in hot stones and rose treated water. Then a lad came round saying it was happy hour at the spa and would we like a glass of champagne and chocolates. We unfortunately had to pass on champagne both being very very preggers but we managed to stuff a few chocolates into our gobs while they took a big file to soles of our feet to get off the dead skin. They were really working it and not to be gross but there was enough skin that looked like we could probably make a handbag if not a purse each. Myself and Ciara are chatting away telling stories and getting louder and louder.. Then the chap came back with chocolates and I think the spa folks thought right these two are rowdy so lets stuff their faces. So we did and quite happily then shut up while they massaged our feet and legs..

I think the folks at the spa are happy that we cant come back next week as I will be on maternity ward with Hobbit please God...

Another Mummy to be Yummy moment brought to you by the two large Irish pregger girls


At 3:46 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

wow, i would love to have a day like that, minus the preggy belly :-)

At 10:19 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

good luck, good luck for tomorrow's C -section... we're praying for you :-)


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