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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the great Irony

So great irony is that you know you are going to get little or no sleep at all when a baby comes. Its part of the package with baby coming, yet weeks coming up to D-Day your body doesn't let you sleep at night when you could do with those restful nights in preparation.
Mines a bit different from most women who find it uncomfortable with baby so big against lungs etc to try and sleep. Mines a my pelvis and hips are so sore in bed with pelvis being separated that I physically can't lay there more than 25 mins either side and of course cant roll over easily to try and get 25 min other side. So catching 20 mins of sleep with half hour of trying to roll over in between.
So bed time is normally where you go to rest, for me its most active part of my day in the tossing (well attempted tossing as I have to hold onto side night table or himself to try and turn while pelvis is separated and screaming at me). I feel like a piece of bacon... that's getting stuck to the pan..
Himself had to go to baby room last night to try and catch some sleep as even though we don't have springs in our be, me grabbing him to leverage myself to turn, or just me turning like a planet in the bed still shakes it. Also didn't help when I left the bed to try and sleep in chair and was getting some zzzs when the snoring of him who shall not be named woke me up. Gentle taps and calling his name didn't help so I hit out with a pillow. With love of course but still a heavy pillow of love.
So I'm off to try and clear out patio, write up list of freecycle items to give away, have a cup of tea and dream of a nap where I sleep more than 20 mins. Not in that order though and hoping I get so tired I just lay in bed asleep and sleep through the toss and turn my pelvis and hips want me to do.

Folks are telling me - wait till baby comes cause you wont get more than 2 hrs sleep at a time. I'm looking forward to getting 2 hrs of sleep in a row.....


At 11:56 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

you know what, i stopped tossing when i was preggy when we bought this U-shaped pillow. you can wrap it around you, find the right position so you can sleep a little longer. anyway, it is only 14 days. my two kids came 10 days early :-)


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