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Monday, July 30, 2007

Cord Blood Banking

So we decided we want to try and bank Hobbit's cord blood. Our hospital doesn't have a public cord blood bank so looking at private ones. Its a personal decision, one that after reading about benefits even from severe enough aplastic crisis which can be a risk with Hereditary Spherecytosis we decided to do. More of an insurance against future as you never know what conditions cord blood can help cure. That and we have spent more on recreation electronic items that balancing out what we spend on Hobbits future is a nobrainer.
There's so many blood banks though its quite overwhelming to research and go through. There's two big ones who advertise HEAVILY in doctor offices, magazines and pregnancy email lists and of course by coincidence, not... also charge the most. Not wanting to go most expensive route who obviously build in large margin for all that heavy marketing they do but also not wanting to go cheapest scrooge route either. So started looking for a Cord Blood company that's been around for a while, is accredited with AABB (the organization that accredits blood banks in states) and got bombarded of course with phone calls from sales folks from the Cord Banking companies.
So last night sat down and went over every inch of a great website I had found that was set up by a parent re information on cord blood banking. There's no advertisements on the site, she lists pros and cons and explains what does it mean that they collect via bag or syringe etc and also links everything you need to know re cord blood banking. Including handy side by side table showing private and public banks, cost, accreditation etc

Its a site dedicated to her daughter Shai who passed away from cancer. She wanted to spread word about Cord Blood Banking and after researching two months its the best site I have seen that answers a lot of questions. You still have to talk to the companies and decide for yourself but I was quite happy to find a lot of information all in one spot.
So I emailed and called a few places and then of course with everything else stopped looking at it for a couple a months and now with end in site knew I had to get it done this week. I know which ones I am not going to use though. I knew I wasn't going to use CBR one of the bigger ones when their person told me on phone - we can only lock in this introductory price for you for next three days otherwise price goes up $350 dollars. What did she think I was buying a copier ;-) Being a sales person myself I cant stand people who are too salesy and don't understand re listening to customers needs. Also Viacord - wasn't as salesy but their aversion to answering some questions about what happens if sample isn't viable or doesn't store well make me think twice re going with them.
Narrowing down list at moment are www.cryo-cell.com who has also been around a while. Also two more I need to speak with in CA as advantage of easier for shipment of the cord blood to them. This one has been around for 10 years and their lab around for 30. www.familycordbloodservices.com . Also the other CA one looking at is www.StemCyteFamily.com
So of course next couple of days I will call and ask them the checklist of questions (which I found from various websites ;-)) let them know I am comparison shopping (being in Sales I can tell you this works to get best price!) and sign up this week.
Wish me luck folks!


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hi, i hope you found the right bank, good luck!


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