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Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter wow

So Saturday came my Harry Potter book but I knew that with company coming and going to see the Shakespeare play I couldn't sit and read. Sunday also I knew we would have to organize baby Hobbits room as we've had that on the to do list for ages and getting to close to the due date to take chances. ( Our mate Jason last year learnt hard way when his wife went early with their first baby while they were moving to a new apartment and didnt have anything set up at all). So a brief wee read Sunday morning (since I couldn't physically move anyway with Hobbit changing positions my pelvis locked and all I could do was sit and ice. And if you're going to just have to sit and ice till it unlocks might as well read Harry Potter and enjoy the wonderful cup of tea your hubbie has made you..)

Then my fanny pack was feeling better where I could take steps without winching and crying so I set to work in the baby room while himself took my truck off to clean outside and in and then tackle putting car seat in place ready to go. He also went off to Frys, laundry and home depot picking up some ply board to put in our walk in closet to make more space. Wasn't so much a walk in closet as a good grief shut the door quickly before something falls out. Now its wonderfully clean and we actually know where to find items! (now to tackle my bedroom closet gulp..)

So whirl of activity in Hobbit's room where I opened all the boxes, we cleaned the crib, put sheets on, put bumper shield on, set up diaper/nappy area, organized all the drawers and cleared some of that closet.

Then 9ish sat down to read the Harry Potter. I put it down at 1230 finished and very very happy. Himself was waiting for me to read so he can now read it. Excellent book and you wont be disappointed. Plot wise a little more complicated than her normal fare but still excellent book and was gripping from start to finish.

Of course finishing meant that its now a finished series so sad about that but wonderful to see a series that kept to excellence all way through. (Robert Jordan Wheel of Time - take note - having folks do more than move from one field to another for 600 pages is a good idea, its not the bloody everlasting wheel of time for us mortals waiting for next book in series.....)


At 10:54 AM, Blogger 11 Cadena de Amor said...

I cannot wait to see the 4th installation of the film! I am also gearing up to start reading all the Harry Potters :-)


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