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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hair today gone tomorrow

So like most preggie women I have been getting heartburn. Hobbits up near my ribs and pushing my tummy up and Relaxin, that wonderful hormone that also makes my pelvis the fanny pack of trouble its experienceing, also relaxes your top of stomach opening so you get acid reflux or heartburn. Its not that bad if I eat every couple of hours and also the bottle of tums sits beside me on the bed. Always good for a midnight snack at 2am and 5am ;-)

My Mum had it really bad with Maeve the youngest one. We were always being sent to the shops to buy another pack of rennies (Irish Tums version). She ate them like candy. It was such a habit that when Mum had Maeve in hospital my brother who was 7 at the time brought her a pack of rennies with a bow on it thinking she really loved them. Poor wee thing didnt realize that now Maeve was here she didnt need them anymore ;-)

But I digress as usual... So an Old Wives Tale is that if you have bad heartburn then your baby will have a great head of hair and that's what's bothering you. I got excited. A baby with a head of hair. Reason that this is close to my heart folks is that I was very much a bald baby. Who am I kidding - I was a bald toddler and infant. I had NO hair till I was about two and half yrs old. I had fine blonde/white hair about two and half but before then I was a cue ball, I was follicle challenged. This was before Sinead O Connor or Jean Luc Picard made it sexy to be bald. I also had no teeth till I was nearly 18 months old but that's another post.

One of the best things about being preggers is my now thick hair. Even my hairdresser was gushing about it. I said to him, do what you want now, because I know post Hobbit it will all start falling out and I'll be left with my thin looking is that a dead cat on her head look. I don't mind. Its been wonderful to have thick hair and grateful for it while its lasted. Who knows maybe I'll keep some of it. I'm sure I'll keep some of the pounds like most women - so why cant we also keep the good stuff too!

So I was happy hearing this re your baby is supposed to have thick hair if your heartburn is bad - I've been rooting for Hobbit to have himself's hair which is lovely and thick regardless of if its a boy or girl. Mine was so bald that my Mums mate kept putting hats on me when we went out regardless of weather and telling folks that I had treatment...

So I asked my Mum re heartburn and all my siblings as we all have different hair.

I had terrible heartburn on you she said. I remember it being really bad.

And I was bald as a coot so my bubble burst.. Hair today and gone tomorrow..


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