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Monday, July 09, 2007


So we took a tour of the baby hospital Good Sam here on Saturday. Lovely hospital and only 10 mins drive away which is great. I had my Gallbladder out there and been to the ER twice (once for the yogurt carton incident and once for my back) and impressed both times. Kinda sad that I can tell you about a hospital like it was a restaurant on the Fodor guide... ;-)
Makes whole having a baby quite real (not that it isn't but when they show you the operating room and recovery and where hubbies get changed to come into c-sections it makes it all quite more real somehow. Thankfully the lady put me in a wheelchair for the tour as with the walker I'm grand at a few feet but they were pounding the halls of a large hospital and would take me a day and half with walker. Nice thing is we have our own rooms here and I can dream of taking a bath. Don't know how realistic that is after a c-section but let me dream folks.... Been so long since I sat in hot water and just soaked. I have to say I miss that more than the baileys ;-)

So good news is that the policy of hospital is that all hubbies are put in wheelchairs in the operating room for c-sections on their partners. When we asked why - turns out saves them trying to get them off the floor when they faint so they can just easily roll out of the way.. I told himself not to worry, I don't mind if he cant stay for the whole cutting into me thingie, more important that he gets used to poopy diapers than blood.

They said most hubbies get queasy... Can we say Timber....


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