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Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Hobbit's Baby Shower

So the wonderful Kerensa & Brad and Ciara and well all of Ciaras amazing neighbors threw me a baby shower on Saturday and it was fantastic. They did a Lord of the Rings baby shower with Shire style garden - so we had an English Tea Party with A Shire feel. Here is a baby doll with Hobbit Feet (thanks to Kirstin's hubbie who lent his werewolf feet costume...)

They held games including how many times has Sinead been to the ER... 18 on my own and I think a few before that with my Mum when I was younger (not all children can be as gifted as me and stick a pencil in their ear at 2 yrs old...).

Hopefully Hobbit will take after his Dad who has been once. Yes once for a finger caught in a car door.

While mine range from things like falling down lecture hall steps in college, being kicked through a fence by a horse, falling upside down into a luggage compartment on a double decker bus while working as a bus conductor, getting hypothermia in July in England during an Army reserve weekend exercise and of course for swallowing bit of a yogurt carton the night himself was going to propose. (He decided to wait till a much more romantic night 4 days later on top of Mount Hamilton under the stars after science lecture instead of ER where he held my hair back over vomit bowl...)

Back to the shower - I had such a good time and so great to see so many girlfriends I hadn't seen in yonks. I decided to have it July 7th so knowing some folks would be out of town for holidays. If that sounds weird its because Irish folks don't have baby showers so very new for me and this way over a holiday weekend folks I felt would have an excuse not to come. Nothing worse then feeling like you should. All my friends who did come it was brilliant though and we had a good laugh. I was knackered by the end and after yesterday where I washed all of the new and freecycle clothes, crib sheets etc we got for Hobbit I was too tired to blog so my apologies for those waiting for updates.
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At 11:58 AM, Blogger raqgold said...

thanks for dropping by my blog site. isnt it great to have baby showers? i didnt get one here in germany :-( coz it is also not a tradition here.


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