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Sunday, June 24, 2007

who's that speeding past, a bullet? a train? no its slow preggers girl...

It's here! Wednesday I went to medical store after himself picked up the prescription from doc and went and got me a walker.. Cowboy music lilts in..
They had a walker showroom folks. Where you can test them out. I was looking for one that was light, figuring picked up and putting in my car would be a test of buggies and strollers to come. Also having a seat would be nice and easy to fold up. After going back and forth between two contenders the Cruiser De-Light folding walker from Nova made the grade. It has 4 wheels and brakes, a big arse seat which was of course essential... And the funniest bit to me, it has reflectors on the brakes so cars can see me at night. Yep for all that at night walking on the road.... The salesman was trying to get me to get one with the HUGE wheels, he said it was good for going over gravel. I said what do you think I'll be doing, cross country?
So I sadly have to admit this but its making walking and getting up a lot easier. Its taking strain of my pelvis and it doesn't hurt so much to walk. Also I am much quicker and I can now get to the kerb in 3 minutes versus 10.. My arms are sore from taking more weight but who knows, I may even end up with biceps out of this! We still have to work out some paths at home so I can get by but all in all very happy with it and my relatives can use it hopefully when I finish with it post Hobbit coming into the world. Which is 8 weeks ... wow.. I feel like we should get one of those big clocks like the series 24 for the countdown...
The other advantage is that at the PT place the adult swimming pool of course always has a swimmer in my nice slow lane nearest the stairs. I ask to share and sometimes get snotty looks. When I rolled in with my walker Friday to the pool and asked to share, the man in the lane said of course yes.. I mean who says no to a person using a walker! I then did 12 laps of walking up and down and felt wonderful. The man was swimming hard the other side of the lane doing 4-5 laps for my one and when I got to end I told him, well at least I make you feel even faster than you are...
Is it a bird, is it a plane, nope it's a metallic red Cruiser De-light folks and if you're very good and very nice I might let you sit on my shiny seat..


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