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Monday, June 11, 2007

My new video game napping...

So himself was very good to me on my birthday last week. Got me a Nintendo Wii - so we get to move and exercise during video gaming. I'm just waiting for some feckin ejit to sue Nintendo over an injury playing this game. Hello people - its a sport - warm up before you play for 4 hours tennis and maybe then you'll not get that stretched elbow! Or how about taking a break! Anyways enough soap box. Its a lot of fun. He's playing Zelda and i played the wee games that come with it. I don't have the dexterity needed at moment to play a lot of the games (ie sitting on couch with legs up and moving arms is as far as I can do being 29 weeks preggers but lots of fun). Theres a rabid rabbit game with lots of micro games. I'll be honest here the rabbits frighten the shite out of me. I know they are supposed to be a cartoon but I cant watch them anywhere near bedtime..! Some fun wee games in that pack though.

Also waiting for me was a flower delivery on doorstep from himself. Beautiful bunch of lilies that are still opening and a card saying to the love of his life. A million brownie hubbie points for that one!! Then he picked up strawberry Napoleon my fav dessert from Flames and ordered in my chicken parmigiana sandwich that's up there on my craving list since being preggers. All this and I got a feet rub as well and we went to Elements Friday and had a wonderful meal.
Love him more and more and not for just a wonderful birthday but because all of above and he gets me. This weekend I was napping queen Saturday and Sunday and he wakes me gently with a cup of tea. Does this man know me or what! Napping has become my new video game and its not to be taken lightly folks. You need to position those pillows just right, have eaten a snack so the heartburn doesn't wake you too early, have the room temp just nice and then read till eyes are drowsy and then zzzzzzzz. Like Goldilocks, just right...


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