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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to blow out a towns power

So saw this story today on Yahoo news about the numbers of Bald Eagles growing so much that they are thinking of taking off the endangered list and just putting on protected list.

U.S. Bald Eagle population soars, possibly delisted http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070514/
Reminded me though of what happened at Price Rupert, last port we visited on cruise. There was a guy feeding about 10 bald eagles at the pier when one took some food, flew onto a power transformer and went bang. Yes sadly the eagle exploded.

It also knocked out all the power to this small town so when the tourists went in, everything was in darkness and closed. One one brave soul running her cash register from her car battery. All tours and trips cancelled as no lights in their famous wee museum or restaurants. We to be honest weren't even planning to get off the ship, stayed and chilled (himself getting over chocolate feast bug and sleeping 16 hours that day). But even still, we all felt bad about the exploding Eagle and especially as we were visiting a neighbouring nation (Prince Rupert is in Canada..)

Maybe we should wait a wee while before taking them off the list. Especially with tourists still abound....


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