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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hobbit Hides Again

So himself myself and Hobbit (of course where I go Hobbit goes...) went back to Dr MaCallum to get another scan done. Last time they couldn't get a good picture of the 4 chambers of the heart so asked us to come back again and also was the day the heart doc would be there for added consult.

When heart doc came in - a very nice Dr. Stafford Grady Jr., a pediatric cardiologist, Hobbit was rolled up tight like an armadillo. After an hour on table getting scanned where they even had me turn sideways in an attempt to get hobbit to uncurl and be more cooperative for the scan (and imagine me pulling then Jan to my back so I wouldn't show my plumbers arse to the whole room).
The cardiac doc was lovely and thinks all is ok but had to be honest that they couldn't see everything with position of hobbit who's playing hide and seek with the scan folks. He said we could go back in 6 weeks but sure Hobbit could be hiding again anyway. So we left thinking feck it - we'll just wait till hobbit comes as there's nothing they can do anyway. I was feeling shite and needing a good nap as my sore throats gone into my chest giving me a lovely hearty cough that sounds like I'm trying to eject a lung...
On plus side - all looked good although we did laugh when they said femur was 39 mm and then said 22 - so for a moment we thought we had a super long tall child. Turns out he meant 39mm is normal for 22 weeks of pregnancy....

And http://www.freecycle.org/ is my new best site ever - we just picked up a crib looks brand new (after taking home on roof of my SUV after being tied down by himself and the hubbie of lady giving away). We crawled home hazard lights on and now its in the boxroom. Which is filling up very quickly.. I can see why they say babies are small but their stuff takes up most room !


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