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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

walking like a penguin

So we had a lovely weekend in San Diego with himself, the fantastic Arv and his girlfriend and Arv's friends. Arv was himselfs best man at the wedding last year and they've been friends forever as well. He's my brother in law just by the fact himself and my hubbie been mates so long. We had a brilliant time hanging out with them and friends and a nice relaxing mini break.

Arv was very good and they went with Jan to Sea World Saturday (when they had already been two days before!) while I chilled at the hotel for the day since feeling much better than last week but still not able to walk far.

All was going grand - we even brought all the princess in pea pillows with us in a huge bag for the hotel and we took taxis everywhere so wouldn't aggravate the SPD pelvic problem too much. Then not thinking Saturday night got into a taxi and scooted over as you do to let the other person in. Which involves opening your legs.... Ouch... Back to the hotel Paddy's Night with a bag of ice on my pelvic area to calm it down. Not first thing I would have thought of doing for St Patricks day but there ya go.

Thankfully not as painful as before although we had to get wheelchair at the airport there and in San Jose so we could get in before darkness came as I walk like a slow penguin otherwise. Of course when the airport guys pushing me up a hill in this wheelchair I'm thinking oh my God I wish I was lighter and didn't have that egg biscuit sandwich for breakfast but fair dues he didn't even sweat or start gasping as he pushed me, he was chatting away and had to be about 60... Obviously eating all his oatmeal....

Yesterday I was at Physical Therapy and then two hours later the Chiropractor. Both are really helping and as they said, I'll get flare ups but as long as I take it easy should need less visits hopefully soon. Seeing them both again Friday. They want me to go three times a week but its just too much for me. Resting seems to really help.

Turns out that this SPD is very common in very late pregnancy and after pregnancy as well. Of course when I started talking about it a lot of pregnant women say they had it later in pregnancy or afterwards even my Mum and my sister Fig.

Yet none of the pregnancy books I read talk about Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) at all. I'm wondering if its very undiagnosed. Best sites I saw about it were UK ones. Here it gets a small footnote in most sites and talks about how in earlier days they used to cut the cartilage holding the two pubis bones together if baby's head was too large before c-sections came in. Now that sounds sore...

Of course may help if they changed the name Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) sounds like a sexually transmitted disease, OK it is kinda with getting preggers being the cause but you know what I mean.. Reading that most midwifes and doctors treat it as that you cant do much about it. Very happy that I am getting treatment early that's helping and they aren't saying just deal with the pain. Swimming or walking in pool also helping. Prior to being preggers didn't like pools much unless as hot as a bath. Now love that cool water with my own body temp being higher. Its not just jello addictions that find you...

Some articles on SPD that I found interesting. The wee pelvic belt they gave me helps as well. I cant wear the pregnancy support belt as don't have the preggy belly yet so strap pings me in chest when I try to wear that one..

Of course neither Chiro, PT lady or my OB-GYN have ever had it in someone so early in pregnancy... Don't I feel special.. The hobbit is grand though so that's whats the most important thing. Just their mammy that's a knackered old horse..

Read my new Anita Blake novel and another book I brought at pool so had to get two new books at airport. Read one of the new ones Sunday on plane back. Might as well try and cram it all in now. Cant see much time to sit around reading come end of August, although there are bets on if I will try and read in labor.

I was wondering if I do have a c-section like docs are recommending at moment if they can sterilize my tiara because I'm determined to wear it during delivery. Figure they can autoclave it like the other instruments... Hey - its not often we get to wear your tiara again so might was well make top of me feel like a princess even if bottom half sure wont be feeling like that during delivery !

This was our first flying away preggers trip and apart from me being an ejit getting into the taxi wrong Sat night it worked well. Both had a great sleep and the pillows are worth taking with us. I'm bringing them all to Alaska Cruise when we go in May !

Never been on a cruise so excited and we're not exactly beach people (I was under towels by pool Saturday with sunscreen on and all my clothes on so I wouldn't burn..) so the penguins and us would be right at home. Have a good week folks, thanks for the emails and calls. Doing grand and even I have to admit I'm walking more like a penguin than a geisha...


At 1:26 AM, Blogger Dr. David Klein said...

I thought you might find this interesting.

I posted it a day before your post.

Then I found your post while using google blog search. I hope your pelvis is doing well!


I can't recommend highly enough, women sticking with chiropractic through their pregnancy. It makes such a world of difference. Of course, follow your own doctors instructions.

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