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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

glowing myths

So yep Great News folks - himself and myself are expecting a wee Borg to the family, end of August. 2007 ! Some of you were wondering why I was suddenly so addicted to Jello/Jelly :-) There ya go. Its the hormones talking. We are over the moon happy and I cant wait to get past the first 12 weeks so we can share with everyone but also

1. So I don't have to pee every two hours...
2. So I don't have to pee every two hours including every two hours at night..
3. So I have more energy than a 150 year old woman after 2pm in the afternoon..
4. So I can hopefully eat Indian food again which right now has gone to the OMG the smell of that is going to make me barf make it go away
5. So I don't have to cross my legs like a mad Michael Flatley dance when I cough or sneeze.

Pregnancy is a funny time. There's lots of things they don't tell you. Like its 10 months. Really. You're 2 weeks pregnant before you actually made the wee one so its 40 weeks, which is 10 months when you divide it up. Also I read a very funny piece in a book which I also think sums it up very well. Pregnant women are reported to be glowing, but its usually because they are trying to hold in the farts and trying not to let them off in front of others. No where did I hear about the amount of gas that pregnant women have. I could seriously be a Gold Medal winner for Ireland ! Also I've always been a very hairless person. I shave under my arms once a month and theres usually nothing there anyway but two hairs. Now I'm like one of those chia pets but just on my right arm pit. Every two weeks I now have 10 hairs growing like they were on steroids.

Also the boobies have grown heavier considerably. Those who know me know that chest area has always been on the lets say - bigger size. Victoria Secret doesn't make bras big enough for me but Fredrick of Hollywood's who also cater to the lets say erotic film industry does. Well now I need bras that could bring up the titanic.. We're wondering if we should put snorkel gear on the registry for the baby...

We told the folks at New Years in Florida since they were both together. We think himself's folks were hoping as they already had 2 bottles of champagne in fridge and it was mentioned at least 3 times every phone call... My folks were also delighted and even though it would be their 8 grandchild Please God and they are also over the moon.

Although my Mum didn't like that we're calling the bump the Hobbit. (Note she thought Fred was a good stand in name for the fetus - like that's any better ! ) Figured Hobbits live in the shire which are holes underground and our wee Hobbit is doing great.

Here's the latest dildo cam or scan from Feb 6th :-) Saw the arms move today and the heart's beating away. The Doc still has to point out which end is which, hopefully that gets better by the time they are in real space :-) For those wondering the baby is between the two plus signs in the middle there. Last scan looked like woodstock the bird that sits onto top of Snoppys house. This time looks like .. well dont know what Hobbit looks like yet. Take a while to figure that one.

So for those who were wondering - why did Sinead fall off the planet last three months and I never hear from her. That's why. Been napping in evening like a sloth. I have nap time and my snacks down to an art and leaves very little time for anything but the odd email before I fall back asleep., well that and getting up to pee. Seems its Mother Natures way of springing a joke on us to remind us of whats in store.. I don't see the joke but maybe you need an Icelandic sense of humor to get it....

More from me and the Hobbit over next couple of months. For all of those friends and family who have babies and can go hahahaha now lets see how you guys do it !.. And for those who don't - be warned - we will be calling looking for babysitters !


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Solange said...

Sinead this is great news! I am thrilled for the two of ye!



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