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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

jelly on the plate

So Americans call Jelly - Jello. Irish folks call it Jelly. Americans use the word Jelly for Jam that doesn't have fruit in it. Irish folks call all Jams - well Jam and I don't think we have any that doesn't have fruit in it. Theres certain things we just don't mess with.

Well I'm now addicted to Jelly(Jello). I must have 80 fruit cups and jelly cups in my fridge. I had forgotten how tasty Jelly is. Sister chick laughs at me because I'm claiming to get in a fruit serving eating the jello but not only that - its 40% calcium serving for the day folks ! Yep - eat three of these a day and I get my calcium and possibly fruit serving for the day (OK even I know its a stretch that its my fruit serving ;-) However it is low in calories and low in fat so nah nah nah nah...

So of course now I'm thinking - maybe its just because I haven't had Jelly in such a long time since I was a kid that it tastes so good. So got me thinking - what else am I missing. So I made some toasted banana sandwiches.. Yep , not Elvis style but in a sandwich toaster where it squashes the two pieces of bread together, toasts them and seals them. Banana slices, sugar, butter (we used to eat sugar butter sandwiches as kids but even I am staying away from those - the banana in the bread lets me add sugar ;-). Well I can testify that yes the toasted banana sandwiches are bloody wonderful and made some for himself - actually I made some for supper one night with soup and we really enjoyed them.

So what other early adventures into food am I and you missing out as an adult if the Jelly and the banana sandwiches were that good? Himself brought me home a six pack of flavored Jelly cups a couple of nights ago and I got teary eyed with joy. Forget flowers for Valentines folks, bring your loved one some taste of their youth..


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