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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years

So myself and himself flew to Florida for Dec 27th and my folks flew in from Ireland.

Things we learnt while over there

1. My Mum will actually go to Walmart every day if she can. She also will try things on if I make her but it doesnt matter as she will come back next day or day after to change them saying they dont fit. Its somehow different at home than dressing rooms in Walmart.

2. Apples to Apples is a very bloody funny board game and if you havent played it I recommend it now. We played it on New Years with himselfs folks, mine and two friends of his parents. We laughed ourselves sick

3. Telling your parents that hot weather is not normal and unseasonably warm weather for Florida of 80 degrees in December doesnt matter. They will now think its 80 degrees every December no matter what you say until they go there one year and its snowing...

4. My Mum loves to shop and its best to go at 530pm so the shops will close and she will eventually leave

5. When going to Chilis restaurant make sure that the waitress doesnt accidently throw a plate of leftovers over your father in laws head while clearing up. They did give him his meal free and pay for his cleaning bill but nothing can take away the memory of taco salad head...

6. When JetBlue says it will be a bumpy ride home from Florida - believe them. 2 and half hrs later of turbelence and two vomit bags later - I could see they werent joking

7. This year my new years resolution is just to enjoy friends and family as much as possible and put on more weight. Yep figured thats an easier one to keep ;-)

We had a fantastic time in Florida and actually rested up - no internet access and just a pool, hot tub and 80 degree days to sit read and shop by.

Hope yours was all wonderful too and talk to you soon friends


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