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Monday, December 11, 2006

the mailing

Himself and myself spent yesterday in getting our Christmas Cards ready. He tweaked the design of the CD he burns every year for folks and we had a fun time picking out songs for the CD. This is our third Xmas together but first married so lots of fun. Also I decided to burn some CDs for mates and family who have babies, nursery rhymes and songs that will haunt their dreams as their kids demand to hear them again etc. Theres been a lot of baby activity last year. We have 17 friends who had babies this year. Each of them is getting 4 cds for the baby and also one from McViking mixes aka Jan. Nice on a rainy day to sit in and do stuff like that. I read 5 books over the weekend and had a nice relaxing weekend. Well apart from the pole dancing class but more on that later. Time to put Bing Crosby on again and tape all these parcels up. UPS loves us man..


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