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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

World travels

Must say a big yeah to my baby sister Maevers who graduated from Queens Belfast University this year with her nursing degree. She's celebrating this year by going on a world tour with Warren her man in August. They head off to Brazil first and spend a couple of months on tour in South America before New Zealand, Australia and then Asia.

What I wouldn't give to go backpacking around the world. As you get older you have all this stuff that means you cant just pack up tomorrow and me and Jan hit the steppes. Car payments, rent , furniture, jobs - all that normal stuff.

However we can live through Maevers and her trips. I was mentally teasing her though as I've never seen her go anywhere without the hair straightner so camping and roughing it should be interesting... Bummer is we plan to go back to Ireland in October and will miss her leaving. They don't plan to head to the states on way back but maybe I can convince them.

Here lies comfort....


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