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Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm sure most folks feel the same, but I want longer weekends. I want three day weekends every weekend so I can enjoy them. I normally wake at 7am during the week without the alarm. At weekends my brain signals Queen of Sheba and I stay in bed until 1030am when my did I mention wonderful hubbie brings me breakfast in bed. So the days half over before I get up. Of course no one to blame but myself but I think 3 day weekends would have most of us working a more effective workweek. We all relax during the week and hard pressed to find anyone who says they give every day of the 5 days of work their absolute all. While we're at it I want the summers off again. As a school kid and then in college you really get used to having those summers off, then you hit workforce and none... OK maybe every Summer is a bit much to ask for but we can dream, cant we... ;-)

Anyway we had a lovely weekend. We went to see the Queen and really enjoyed the movie Saturday night. The cinema is literally across the street and a small one but great seats and screens. Because its not a huge one we avoid all the talking teens and folks who seem challenged during movies and have to keep asking their friends whats going on. Even when its a cartoon and painfully obvious...

Sunday we went for a walk downtown Campbell to Sonoma chickens for lunch and walked back - it was a lovely sunny day with a breeze perfect for walking. Then of course last night was first BattleStarGalatica night again. They moved to Sunday, I suppose to grab more folks but puts a bummer on our previous all Friday Sci Fi nights. We are geeks in a pattern folks who enjoyed our curry and all Friday sci fi shows. No curry for a while but more on that later ;-)

Now comes the planning for spring and summer weekends. We wont be going anywhere really far away this year, which is a bummer but there ya go. We had planned to go to our friend Alan's wedding in April in China which was exciting but we cant go unfortunately and wish we could. Hes a great mate, I've known him since my first summer in America at Camp and has come to Ireland for my birthday and our wedding last year. I've got to think of something fun to send him to send our sorry for not being able to make it.

Anyway - here's Monday again and another week. They are just whizzing by at this point. Weather is getting warmer and time to get moving again. Wake the blood up folks its time to work. Just don't forget ; work to live, don't live to work...


At 10:38 AM, Blogger beckah said...

that is such a cute picture of you & your beloved :)


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