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Saturday, February 24, 2007

spa day

Off to the Irish Network's dance later tonight :-) http://irishnetwork.cnchost.com/ Typically Irish style we weren't sure if we'd get enough to go. Now looks like being 78. Even I have to bang at Irish for late RSVPs..

So Looking forward to it - and also my day of indulging myself. I avoided getting my hair done for well basically last 3 months so looking like a cat is on top of my head at present. Not as cute as this cat either.

So its off to hairdresser for me and then to Le Spa Campbell to get my nails done and generally feel pampered :-) http://www.lespacampbell.com/ Its good to pamper yourself every once in a while. This time I'll remember to bring flip flops (well sandals as flip flops freak me out, hate having that toggle between my toes...) Normally they look at me with pity when I try and stick my newly polished nails into my socks and shoes... One great thing about being preggers is my nails are growing ! Even my toenails that I often tip the girl extra just because of the effort they go to trying to put nail polish on smallest surface area in the world...
Here's to being a girl and allowing ourselves that time to breathe, stop and daydream for a couple of hours under a blow dryer..


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