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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gilroy, Payless, Walmart and R2-D2 oh my....

So yesterday was Presidents Day here, which basically means a bank holiday and chilling. It was Gra and Dees last day to seriously shop so they did.

Since they had to drop back their rental and didn't know where to go that easily (Even with the GPS who they are now on a first name basis with calling Emily...) I offered to drive them to the outlet stores as long as I could stay in car, read book and I'd drop them off and then pick them up from each area. Worked well folks as parking was scare and they zipped in and out of stores with ching ching sound of cash registers in their wake. We then hit the mother store my Mums favorite of all time, Walmart where they both bought enough shampoo and curtain type things to make me think of setting up a side business of selling it at home in Ireland via Ebay ;-) Then off to San Jose again after Best Buy at 5pm after a good 8 hours shopping and to Mervyns and then Payless to pick up sneakers Mum wanted. (My families motto being - If you can't shop there yourself, send your kids....) We fell home at 710pm, himself was home at 740pm and we went to Katie Blooms for a pint and dinner before they broke the laws of physics in getting all the stuff they bought into their bags and somehow not being overweight for luggage.

But before we went to dinner though Gra and Dee gave us a fantastic pressie - which they shouldn't have but we really really appreciated. Our own R2-D2 interactive Droid ! We screamed with joy (OK I screamed but himself did that wee jump of his)..

How frackin cool is that ! It obeys voice commands (when its in the mood, some training to do there) and is just brilliant. Dee seemingly didn't know what movie R2-D2 is from and that's just plain wrong but can be forgiven for giving us one of the coolest pressies EVER ! Thanks Gra and Dee, the permanent seat mark I have on my arse from driving around shops is forgiven and the having to get up at 6am this morning to go to airport lol (;-)

Of course we can only get this now where we still get the cool toys before we have to share or give to Baby Borg. Yep we're two big kids really... It dances, plays tag, puts on a headlight, moves and is very very cool ! Yep, we drooled like the two sad geeks we are. It was so nice having Gra and Dee over for the week. They saw from San Fran to Rewoods, Yosemite to Sea at Costanoa and we had great craic. Brilliant time and the perfect guests who go see lots of stuff themselves and also great fun with us in the evening.

Hope your Presidents day was a doozie and if you had to work home it was short and quick.. Till next time folks.

For those of course who want more details on R2-D2
  • Motorized, voice-activated replica of R2-D2™ will serve as your dedicated helper (an extendable utility arm holds a drink) and loyal friend.
  • He obeys commands, communicates with beeps and whistles, gestures, flashes his lights, swivels his dome, dances to a cantina song, plays games and navigates with sonar and infrared sensors.
  • Features three modes: Companion, where he's friendly; Game, where he plays tag, spins and dances; and Command, where he maneuvers in different directions.
  • He recognizes and reacts to 30 phrases; say Princess Leia's name and R2 emits excited wolf-like whistles, but mention Darth Vader and he shakes with fear!
    Measures 16 1/2" x 11" x 11" and weighs 7 lbs. Ages 8 and up.
  • (figure that its OK for us then !)


At 1:38 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

If it does dishes, mops the floor, and vacuums, I'm so buying one.

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Marcela said...

It also delivers your mail...


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