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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

who crazy.. me?

So things that seem perfectly rational at the time can sometimes look different a few hours later

Take the meatloaf incident..

Last night cooked some meatloaf, stuffing, sweet potato and sweetcorn for me and himself for dinner. All sounds good.. Then I took a bite of meatloaf and immediately took my fork and flung my portion onto his plate. He says threw, I say delicately flung..

He was a wee put out as seems my meatloaf was in one big lump and landed on his already nicely cut up into meatloaf little squares (guess who has baby Borg food cutting duties already ready to go..)

At that moment I couldn't have the meatloaf anywhere near me nor my plate. Rational thought doesn't come into it. Its chopped meat in another form and I don't like chopped meat at the moment, OK I hate chopped meat and it cant be near me. So I flung it off my plate. I thought I wanted the meatloaf but turns out I didn't...

Later on we were amused by my meatloaf throwing behavior and I imagined myself in some Olympic competition flinging lumps of food to plates for a medal.. And Sinead steps up to the plate, fork in hand and oh yesss.... ladies and gentlemen the crowd goes wild, its a straight fling onto the target plate. That's a gold record for sure... Its said she first practiced her skills when she was pregnant and avoiding meatloaf..
Then theres the bed.
Its not so much that I have a few extra pillows as it looks like I'm trying to recreate the princess and the pea or have my own fort on the bed.
I have the huge maternity pillow pictured above (that himself says looks like some 60's icon that I have no clue about - must be American...) and also long body pillow (note to self give that back to Ciara and buy another) -
I now lie on top of said body pillow with maternity pillow around that and another pillow at head and between legs. Himself is now clinging onto the queen size bed for dear life..
And that's only at 14 1/2 weeks, at the end of 9 months I'll probably just tape pillows to myself full time so I can nap anywhere - like a pillow swaddled Michelin man...
Have a good week folks.


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