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Friday, March 09, 2007

baby got back

Yep its latest scan of the Hobbit. 16 weeks now on Saturday. On left is back of Hobbits head and that line is the spine according to Doc. Fair enough this time we were excited as the Hobbit looks more like a wee baby and we got to put it on VCR and listened to the heartbeat.
The hobbits back is to the scan. Decided it wasn't a photo day for them. Now about 5 inches long and jumping around like a Mexican bean and we could see the face and arms swinging around until of course it was time to take a picture...
Mummy Hobbit doing much better and as long as I walk with knees together not as sore. Still throwing myself lengthwise into bed as pretty hard to get into bed without pulling knees apart. (U try it !)
I think when I'm walking, I'm taking delicate steps like a geisha, someone who shall remain nameless (himself of course) muttered something about more like a penguin..
Its our first anniversary and we're off to San Francisco for weekend. I wont be walking far but we're off to see a one man play that involves a summary of three films of star wars - yeah geeky cry http://www.poststreettheatre.com/
and then Sunday off to see http://www.stephenlynch.com/ - who's one of the funniest musical comedians ever and whose songs are so sick that you laugh but feel guilty in doing so.
Have a good weekend and take a little time to make up for that lost hour Saturday night !


At 10:53 AM, Blogger beckah said...

beautiful pic of the wee one.

& happy anniversery you crazy kids!

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Marcela said...

Just heard the news-congrats. Happy Saint Patricks Day and anniversary and all that!


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