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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Britney spears re Queen

So on some bed rest at moment. Nothing too serious and baby Borg is grand. Just my ligaments getting too soft too soon in my pelvis so bit painful.... So resting up at moment and starting physio next week as well as my chiro visits.

One of treatments for this is keeping your legs together (as my wonderful chiro Dr Deb http://www.losaltosfamilychiropractic.com/ says opening legs is what gets you into it, keeping them together is part of the cure ! - big cheers to my chiro who is making me feel so much better with this although pubis bone adjustments have to be up there on the OMG ouch scale)

Being also advised that when I get out of cars to keep the legs together and swing them together in one graceful motion. So imagine like Elizabeth Hurley or the Queen and not Britney Spears :-) Had my Gynie laughing on that one.

Have a good week folks !


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