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Monday, April 23, 2007

nesting and I don't mean nesting tables...

So when I was in college I did do nearly three years of computer science. Lets just say that it was suggested to me that if I left the class quietly and didn't cause any more trouble then the prof who taught LISP programming wouldn't then fail me on purpose. It was OK, I sucked anyway.

I just don't have that kind of brain that can do analytic kind of programming. Counting how many brackets (programmers call them parentheses but fancy name for brackets in LISP) I had to make sure they were all nested correctly and what order came where. Well I didn't much care really.

Reason the prof wasn't biggest fan was that he had a strict deadline for a project and was famous for no extensions EVER. So I came to class and half way during project discovered that only 2 computers out of 15 were working for this project. This was in days before Internet folks, circa 1989 in UCD. So being the student union rep, (you can imagine a soapbox here if you like) I notified the computer science department that the class of 150 students couldn't do the project on time on 2 computers and shock horror we got an extension. The uproar it caused ya think I had asked for someones liver instead of 2 weeks extra to get project in.

Reason that I bring that up is because in LISP all that putting into brackets is called nesting and I thought I would never be near it again. Turns out that when you're preggers you start to nest to get the place ready. Few weeks ago it was new dressers and tearing through wardrobe. well its gone beyond that..

This weekend we were away in Monterey, enjoying a wee break. First down to Munras Lodge http://www.munraslodge.com/- quirky wee hotel but great rooms with HUGE deep jacuzzi style baths and fireplaces in rooms. Having a deep bath for first time in ages and eating pizza in bath felt sinfully delicious... We then headed to a massage next day where lady worked wonders on my shoulders and neck.

Then off to SeaScape http://www.seascaperesort.com/ where friends of ours had very nicely given us a night stay for our wedding at their ocean side villa. We stayed in Sat night by the fire, had dinner in the room from the on site restaurant and watched Eragon the movie we missed in theatres. Not bad movie if you haven't seen it.

So I digress (one of reasons I can't be a computer scientist folks, there's a lot of things that distract me in my world - lots of LOOK there SHINY moments...)

Anyway got back Sunday and was resting as fighting off a cough thingie. Ya think I would just rest up but nope, had himself off to goodwill leaving off last of items a friend had left, then grabbing things from car, sorting out all the bags from trip. Then I spotted area near beer fridge with soda cans in a crate. Cleared those away, then cleaned out two cabinets, window sills, reorganized two other cabinets, then decided under coffee table had to be cleaned and all books gone and did that, then put extra blankets in space saver bags and cleaned kitchen as well... Then went to bedroom and got that all cleared as well.

Himself said it's funny to watch me as I drag him into the odd thing (like going to OSH to get mini shed type thing and a metal shelving system for office so I can get dug into patio and our office next) but for most part its me whirlishly sorting out and organizing areas.

Nearly forgot - also organized three clutter drawers as well...

Nesting folks, not just for the birds... or computer programmers...


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