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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

see that tv remote jiggle

So we got a new sofa couch from LaziBoys. Wonderful two seater where each seat not only rocks independently but also reclines as well. So we're officially old folks now in our recliners sitting watching telly.

Watching telly last night I could feel the Hobbit jumping around but you cant see it from outside. I put the TV remote on my belly and suddenly you could see the TV remote jiggle around on my tummy on its own as the Hobbit had a good tumbling session so me and himself could see baby kicking around. Its very strange and nearest I'll hopefully get to the Alien movie...

To offset the new couch and its alluring hold on my arse over the next few months I also signed up for swim exercise class at our local Campbell recreation center for next three months every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am. I had been walking and since I cant walk with the SPD at moment its great to get out and make sure I get some exercise in and lot easier to do that in water with the preggy belly!

Also got Easter Egg on Monday from the British Food Store as had forgot to get before hand. Eating some chocolate - I must say much more into the jello that chocolate :-)


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