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Thursday, April 19, 2007

wonderful emails

This is a real email I got from one of those pregnancy sites - had to share as I laughed out loud.

Week 22 Pregnancy Tip
Activities to Avoid While You Are Pregnant
Hi Sinead,
For the health and safety of you and your baby, there are certain physical activities you should avoid while you are pregnant. Here's a short list:
Avoid contact sports such as football and boxing, and other high-impact activities, such as horseback riding
Avoid activities that make you jump or change directions quickly, such as tennis or basketball
Now you know that if you have to tell folks - don't box during week 22 of your pregnancy that someone did. When I turn over in bed, its like I'm now a big planet sucking all beside me in a huge gravity well. I can only do it in one motion with a pillow lodged between my legs and poor himself clinging onto dear life on his side of the bed.
Who the hell is agile enough to box, play tennis or basketball at 22 weeks... ?
Guess I should give up the skateboarding then folks ....


At 8:40 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Damn. I was looking forward to placing my bets on that boxing match. Guess I'll have to look for other wager opportunities.


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